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In addition to providing repair services, Guitar Techworks runs training seminars that teach guitar repair techniques. We take the mystery out of working on guitars by sharing decades of repair experience directly with you in hands-on classes.

Guitar setup class

A student works on her own guitar at a Guitar Techworks seminar

Guitar Techworks Lifts the Curtain…

The best guitar and bass players make it look easy, expressing themselves through their instruments. Yet, like a race car driver relies on his mechanic, musicians rely on the skill and expertise of a professional guitar tech. Historically, only a privileged, informed few knew the nuances of making guitars feel and play as good as the pro’s. In our professional guitar tech seminars, Guitar Techworks lifts the curtain to share our time-tested techniques, tips and tricks for bringing the full potential out of any instrument.

Guitar Techworks grew out of the sweat and sawdust of the most revered guitar shops, working with some of the hardest working pro guitarists in the World. Through the speakers and guests guiding these seminars you will learn what it takes to make any guitar perform harder and better than it ever has before.

  • Guitar Assembly from Existing Parts
  • Guitar Design and Construction
  • Neck Resets and Warped Neck Repair
  • Nut and Bridge Construction
  • Re-fretting and Fret Dressing
  • Wiring and Troubleshooting