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We’ll chronicle some notable repairs on this page – just hope your guitar doesn’t end up here!

Gibson L50 Headstock Restoration and Refinish

This was an exceptional repair because of the multiple severe breaks. The headstock is completely separated from the neck and broken into several pieces. The guitar is a vintage Gibson L-50 acoustic, and based on the damage some might consider this one too far gone to justify a repair.

1. The Damaged Headstock

A terrible compound break involving the truss rod access area and going under the nut.
Guitar headstock repair

2. Putting the Pieces Back Together In Stages

Painstakingly, piece by piece, each crack was cleaned and glued. We repeated the process to build the pieces back into a recognizable headstock shape. The gluing jig helps us maintain the shape and adequate pressure for best results in the repair.
Guitar headstock repair

3. Gluing Complete and Missing Wood Patched

Once the pieces were assembled, several gaps became apparent. We patched them with carefully selected grain-matched wood. The two views show the number and complexity of the patches.
Headstock repair

4. Rear Overlay and Finish Touchup

For added strength and improved appearance, a thin backstrap was fitted to the back of the headstock. We touched up the finish to match the original colors and conceal the repair.
Headstock break fixed

5. The Finished Product

Finished, reassembled, and ready for another 50 years of playing.
Refinished borken headstock now repaired

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