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Guitar headstock repair

Headstock Repair

We charge per crack to repair a borken guitar headstock. The repair involves realigning the wood, gluing, and sealing. We offer refinishing with a matching color for an additional charge.

Rout for Pickup or Bridge

Priced per job and includes disassembly and reassembly.

Acoustic Guitar Crack Repair

Align crack, glue, reinforce and seal. Additional charge for refinish with matching color.

Acoustic Guitar Bridge Replacement or Reglue

Additional charge for recommended setup.

Reglue Loose Braces

Charged per brace.

Pickguard Replacement

Remove old pickguard from acoustic guitar and replace. Some finish touch-up may be required.

Humidification or Dehumidification

Restoring an instrument’s proper humidity level can dramatically improve playability. This operation requires a minimum of one week.

Interested in having Guitar Techworks repair your guitar? Contact us for pricing and info.