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Complete Refret

Gibson Les Paul refret

Refretted Gibson Les Paul

Refret Unbound Fingerboard

Replace all frets on unbound rosewood, ebony, or maple fingerboard. Stainless steel frets are available for additional cost. Job includes:

  • Radius fingerboard
  • Neck bow correction or augmentation
  • Install new frets
  • Level and dress new frets
  • Adjust nut
  • Setup

Refinish Maple Neck after Refret

Finish work requires up to two weeks drying time. Oil finish optional.

Bound Fingerboards

Fret ends are undercut to lay upon the binding. Binding nibs will be removed.

Fretless Conversion

Replace frets with contrasting wood or plastic strips and level fingerboard surface.

Interested in having Guitar Techworks refret your guitar? Contact us for pricing and info.