Guitars and pickups by Derek Phelps

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Guitar Techworks in Dallas, TX offers the complete spectrum of repair and restoration services for your acoustic guitar, electric guitar, or bass by experienced professionals.

Martin D28 Neck Reset

Guitar Repair services, prices and wait times vary based on your guitar. Don’t see what you need listed below? Just contact us with your questions.

  • Setups: setup for acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and bass guitar
  • Fretwork: fret level and dress, partial refret, file fret ends, new nut, new bridge
  • Complete Refrets: unbound fingerboards, bound fingerboards, fretless conversion
  • Woodwork: headstock crack repair, pickup routs, acoustic crack repair, loose brace repair, bridge replacement, pickguard replacement, humidification
  • Electronics: rewiring, replace pickups, replace pots and switches, acoustic pickups
  • Finish Work: finish touch-ups, refinishing, oil finishes
  • Buzz Feiten Tuning Systems: installation of shelf nut and intonation

Custom Services

We offer an extensive range of custom modifications and services to suit your stringed instrument needs. All custom work, consultation and out-call services are billed at a shop rate.

      • Retrofit of after-market hardware
      • Restoration of original hardware
      • Complete refinishing
      • Custom built instruments